Lychee Heat

Last night I went to bed with a throbbing headache and a bad stomach. My throat felt itchy, and my stomach felt fiery, like it ate some hot peppers. I popped a Claritins, but it didn’t seem to help. I’m suspecting it may have been an allergic reaction to the 2 lychees I ate after dinner. It was unexpected because I eat lychee every summer when it appears in grocery stores.

I woke up this morning a lot better, but still feeling the trail of the headache. I toasted a piece of frozen banana walnut pancake for breakfast with some plain yogurt and honey. Pancakes never get boring. If you’ve never tried pancakes with yogurt or plain yogurt with honey, you are missing out!

A brief recap of the past few days..

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the mall for some summer shopping. I loved that the mall was practically empty.  I was happy to find a pair of cute wedges that fit me perfectly. I realized that I missed out on the whole summer wedges trend last year which is why I wanted to find one for this time around.

loved #4’s national gown!

On Sunday I went to church in the morning and spent the night at an event called Beauties of Asia 2012. It was sort of like a beauty pageant. I went to accompany my mom, who wanted to support a friend’s daughter. I felt way under dressed for the event in my casual summer wear but it didn’t really matter. My mom and I arrived early to meet with her friend. We stopped by the washroom, where we caught glimpses of some contestants and performers who were also getting ready. I was caught off guard when the MC’s asked us to stand for the national anthem “O Canada”. After that, the night proceeded with national gowns, talent shows, bikinis and evening gowns. Some of the performances I liked best were the Bollywood dances because they were most lively 🙂 There were also guest performers. A Korean artist sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and “The Greatest Love of All”, it was incredible. Like most beauty/ pageant shows, the show ended with awards, questions for the top 10 contestants, and crowning of the winner.

On Saturday, I attended a banquet dinner last minute. It was a big rush but I got ready in less than 30 minutes. It was at a chinese banquet hall and I was faced with another vegetarian  dilemma. It was a miserable feeling 😦  My tactics to avoid situations like this in the future is it to avoid it from the start.

I’m trying out the Spider Tech strips again to help my leg cramps from running. Spider Tech also sent me some of the calf strips which I am saving for next time. I’m excited to use them 🙂


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