Project Seedlings

They finally sprouted! Today is the 10th day after planting.

The squash and green peas are just coming out of the soil. But the parsley and romaine lettuce haven’t grown at all yet. As weird as it is, this is all so exciting. I feel like a proud mother….of plants 🙂 But I’m not exactly sure what to do with them or where to plant them after they get any bigger.

This morning I made some natural whole wheat crackers. I followed the Becca’s Green Kitchen recipe with whole wheat flour instead of spelt and sprinkled some sea salt on each before baking. They turned out better than I hoped and I’m surprised by how easy it is! Today is another beautiful summer day. I probably say that in every recent post, it’s awesome.  I’m heading out to eat some late lunch and maybe fall asleep in the backyard. Dinner’s on me tonight and I’m will be trying out the very long-awaited spaghetti squash. With pesto!


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