Fridge Frenzies and Grocery Shopping Discoveries

Good afternoon, what a sunny today! I have a couple of reasons for not posting recently. One, my fridge broke down this week but thank goodness the freezer compartment still functions normally. Everything else in the cold storage part had been thrown out. Which means no baking/ recipe experimenting for a little longer boo..:(
Two, I have also been hit by allergies and a cold at the same time.  Though the painful sore throat and cracked voice went away, my inconsistent sleeping pattern hasn’t been much help to my sniffles.

Nevertheless, I was so happy to be part of the VVP that happened on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who commented on my cheesecake, I was very happy that many of you liked it 🙂 I met so many other bloggers and was wowed by all the creative, beautiful, healthy and incredible things everybody brought.  As soon as the fridge is fixed, I’m planning to try so many of your recipes!

For a small recap of the week, Sunday was Mother’s Day! We spent the morning at church and hit up Michael Angelo’s for some grocery shopping and lunch at their salad bar. I didn’t get to celebrate much with my family as I spent the evening at work. At the supermarket, I found Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Chips and Barbara’s Fig Bars which of course were brought to shared at work 🙂

Cucumber Dill - Baked Lentil Chips

I did appreciate the minimal additives/preservatives of the products. Though I have never tried Mediterranean Snacks and Barbara’s, the ingredients list and the nutrition charts convinced me that they are companies that  promote nutrition conscious snacks rather than just profitable consumerism. They did taste good and I would buy them again.This is why I find grocery shopping fun. There’s always something new to discover.  

Yesterday morning I hit up Sheridan Nurseries with my mom who did some flower shopping. Some seeds I picked out to grow are cucumber, catgrass, and basil.

It was also my dad’s birthday yesterday! Before the unforeseen incident of the fridge break-down, I was planning to make a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday together. Better luck next year 😦
I’ll probably do it anyway after the fridge is fixed.

I’m currently sipping on some jasmine tea and witnessing a pair of some birds ( a finch and a chickadee) playing tug-of-war over a piece of bread in the backyard…Okay, I”m going to figure out how to plant the seeds. Till later!


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