Impulsive Book Buyer

Good afternoon!  I’m taking a short break after lunch before beginning a tabata workout today. My room is still unattractively occupied by stacks of books and paper. Unorganized clutter is one of my biggest pet peeves, but I’m not in the mood to clean. Tomorrow will be designated to cleaning up.  Besides the fact that I’ve barely touched any books since school ended only 3 weeks ago, I love reading. I’m just on short break from reading and studying. Every summer I buy books that I know I will be reading throughout the following months. But I usually only end up finishing 1 or 2 entirely.

Unfinished books from last summer include:

1. Food, Inc.- The barcode on the cow is a big pranker for the book store cashiers 😉

2. The Tipping Point

3. Blink

Malcolm Gladwell’s book are so interesting if you are into learning about theories, psychology and epistemological topics. I have not read the Blink yet, so I can’t say too much about it for now.

4. An Apple A Day

Very interesting for understanding popular food fads and the misconceptions of nutritionism. Joe Schwarcz is the director for Science and Society at McGill University. I’m planning on reading his other book called Let Them Eat Flax soon.

Books I picked up during this year:

1. 100 Foods to Stay Young – I love the way the information is presented in the book. Each food item is described by its major nutrients, a descriptive summary of the food and ways to use or eat it. It also includes a recipe for each item which I thought was neat.

2. In Defense of Food- This was one of the books I finished entirely and my all time favourite. It is very informative and easy to understand. I think every food consumer (or everyone) could learn a lot from this book.

3.  The Yoga Cookbook- I bought this cookbook because all the recipes are things I would make and are appropriate for my every-day eating style. Some cookbooks have fancy dishes that I never end up trying out. I also like that it’s a vegetarian cookbook targeted towards eating with a health and nutrition focus. It has the edge of Indian Cuisine too which I was interested in trying out.

 4. You Are What You Eat- A health/nutrition book that I would recommend to anybody interested in better eating and learning about nutrition.

5. Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine

Interesting to learn about herbal plants from different regions of the world and their uses, scientific info and research. It originally retailed for $33 but it was on sale for $9. The book attracted me because of chemical and research information it provides and the overall presentation of the different plants.

That pretty much sums it up. I rarely used to buy books because my parents enforced the habit of borrowing from the library. But, sometimes I find books that I would want to keep for myself too. I’m off to start some tabata exercise for today. Then I will be heading out to meet some friends from church who have come back home from school for the summer.

Lookout for the VVP tomorrow!


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