Goodies from the Expo

Besides the free samples from the Health Expo on Friday such as…

I was intrigued by the Bakd Bar and the proposed “freshly baked dessert” taste. I tried a bite of it, unmicrowaved. And spat it out… and tossed it. The taste was bland but overly sugary too. Sorry Bakd Bar 😦 not for me.

I’ve never tried Redbull and do not intend to. From what the ingredients show, the KickButt Ballz can probably top the energy drink. It tasted like the flavour Cappuccino( aka caffeine amped )and had a soft chewy interior. From the above, I think I only really enjoyed the Larabar. I’m still waiting for another time to try the Quaker bar. My Larabar recipe to share soon!

Other freebies included a magazine, Dove’s men hair wash and coupons. But these babies, I brought home from the exhibitors…

Nature bar flavours: Niagara Apple Country, Brazilian Nut Fiesta and Mediterranean Pistachio

The bars are a major hit 🙂 The Nature bars were 3 for $5.00 and the Fruit &Fruit were 2 for $3.00.  The amount of care that  Taste of Nature and Fruit&Fruit put into making their products  nutritiously healthy and safe is what I appreciate and look for in food products. For that reason, I didn’t mind spending some money to try them out.

Fruit & Fruit bars

The Fruit&Fruit is chewy and naturally sweet but is less flavourful. There are no preservatives or ingredients other than fruit or juice concentrates. Although I would prefer to eat fresh fruit ,  it is still a good product for  convenience and on-the-go commotions.

Today I participated in the GoodLife 5k run in Toronto. I had a blast and will share soon!


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