“Live it! Share it!” 2.5k run

The weather today is by far one of the best we’ve had in Toronto. This morning I participated in a 2.5 k walk/run fundraiser held by church. It was a little bit chilly when we started at 10 am  but it warmed up by noon.

We began with some stretching and a prayer from Pastor Joe.  That’s me, not stretching. The 2.5 k went by very quickly, I thought about going for another round but I was not motivated enough. I was one of the earlier ones who finished because most people chose to walk. While waiting for everyone to get back, enjoyed catching up with my friend Grace who is like an older sister to me. We were prepping the hot dog buns for the BBQ like robots.

hot dog bun station

One guy announced that he would run another 1 k for every $10 pledge. The donations totalled to $160 for him. Haha his friends even called him while he was still finishing up the extra 16 k just to make sure he didn’t pass out.

Meatball (the dog) and his family were there too.
Baby Jubilee, the dog rider

After the race, I went to the park washroom. Behind me in the photo is a frustrated mother with a daughter who just refused for all reasons to pee. The desperate excuses the girl used were senseless but way too funny.

It was a beautiful day to walk in the park.


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