Health Expo Toronto

Entrance to the Direct Energy centre

Did anybody else visit the  Health Expo in Toronto today? After picking up the race kit for Sunday’s 5k, I spent a few hours looking around.  The vendors were selling health, fitness and lifestyle products and services.

look at this amazing shirt!

Some included: sports wear, protein bars, energy foods, protein shakes, organic snacks and organic chocolate, energy water, and services for health check-ups.  I appreciated how friendly all the vendors were 🙂

ShaSha Co.
Fruit & Fruit bars
Giddy YoYo

 I was too distracted by the beautiful rainbow of chocolates, I didn’t even notice the cocoa butter beside the arrangement. The next time I see cocoa butter I will definitely pick up a package.

Lara Bar

I was filled up for lunch from the free samples offered. Thank you Health Expo, you fed me well 🙂 I did not eat a lot but the samples were very filling. I had a sample of: chocolate milk protein shake (a post workout drink), Lara bar, Oreo Protein Edge, Vi-Shake drink (protein shake that tasted like cake batter …yuck!), ShaSha Co. lemon snaps and ShaSha Co. gluten-free snacks, Genki bar (lentil based energy bar), Sunrise Soya smoked tofu (tasted like Gouda, yum!), O.N.E. coconut water and probably a few others I forgot by now. Although I’m not convinced by most protein shakes or energy drinks and the health claims they make, I listened to the incredible things the sales people had to share. Smile, nod, pretend to be amazed, then thank them and continue walking around 🙂

Friendly staff of Sunrise Soya

The highlights of the sampling included the smoked tofu, lara bar, ShaSha snacks and the Giddy YoYo organic raw chocolates. The vendors from the coconut water were so sweet and funny.  The tofu vendors were probably easiest ones to talk to and the woman at Giddy YoYo was so generous. She also had a very “organic beauty” that suited her products in a good way.

 I  listened in on was Brad King guest speaking about his topic “how to lose fat for life”. I was very interested in his science behind his topic and how the marketing of the food industry affects the health and eating habits.

Before leaving, I walked through the Giant Colon and learned about colon disease and cancers. The mushroom- looking growths are intestinal polyps that can develop to be cancerous.

I made a stop to the washroom before exiting the exhibition. On my way out,  a guest speaker for the late afternoon, Amanda Russell! I really like your workout videos!

I was digging the Lara Bar in apple flavour and popped 2 samples on my way home. Dinner was a light salad of half an avocado, cherry tomatoes, craisins, raisins and blueberries with lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

My workout today was just walking. Tomorrow morning I will be going to a 2.5k walk/run fundraiser my church is holding at a local park. 2 more days until the 5k race! There are more goodies that I got from the exhibition which I will share a post tomorrow.


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