Morning Blood Test and Veggie Slices of Soy Mozzarella

It’s May! Time passes by so fast when you stop counting. It’s suppose to be 19 °C today as the weather network says. Yesterday afternoon I had a good workout with Mavis to train for our 5K race on Sunday; it consisted of a 30 minute jog and a circuit workout.

Months ago I asked my doctor for a blood test to find out my blood type, he insisted I do it for a check up as well. So, bright and early this morning I went out and had my blood test done.  I jumped out of bed and stretched out my sore muscles.  On the way out though I washed my face, brushed my teeth and ate a peanut butter sandwich to-go. My hair was also in a middle part, and I looked like a troll.   While I was waiting for my name to be called, I saw a familiar face enter the room. It was my elementary art teacher 🙂 I hesitated to approach her for a couple of reasons but mainly because I was sure that she did not recognize me. The nurse ended up filling 4 vials of dark red blood.  I was nervous to start with but felt nauseous when I sensed her approaching my isolated cubicle. But when  I saw this :|…

It was my first time having a blood test done. I always imagined that it was be very uncomfortable…because I was super ticklish as a kid. I guess it was alright, it felt like a pinch.  The “Trip Hazard” sign outside of the building was a first. Haha, there should be more of these around town.

I picked up this vegetarian cheese product last week, it is most likely the first soy-based cheese I have ever tried. I’m sure there will be more future posts about things I have never eaten or experienced. Just on the top of my head…rutabaga, fiddlehead, durian, purple sweet potato, truffles  and more.  On a side note, I remember the moment in my food science course when a professor asked someone to describe what truffles taste like. Apparently, it has a very earthy sensation. One that gives the scent of sex (yes, those were the exact words). Something I learned from that day, was what those underground fungus smell like.

The “cheese” looks very much like normal processed cheese slices and the flavour of the soy and rice starch are  distinct.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the saltiness. A little too much for me. I gladly had it in a sandwich with half of a sliced sweet potato.  It was different using sweet potato…in a sandwich, but it was exam period and I needed something or anything to fill up the space between the bread. It was tasty though!

 The sandwich consisted of 1 slice of rye and olive oil, a handful of salad, 1 piece of Veggie Slice and half of a sweet potato. By noon the sweet potato was no longer fridge-cold and it was a great energizer after a long morning.

 The ingredients and nutrition values (per slice) of the Veggie Slices:

I’m off to Lisa’s Warehouse sale with my mom, then stopping by at my high school to visit some teachers. After that Mavis and I will be out to practice our run again. ‘Till later!


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