Oh My! Natural What?

A few days ago while my lab partner and I were waiting for our synthetized Aspirin to filter, somehow we were talking about lotions/facial moisturizers. This was during a laboratory class.  Then I made the point that exfoliating with a brown sugar and olive mixture is extremely helpful for dry skin. Hahah, to my surprise my lab partner gave me a weird look as if l said I said something like you can use peanut butter  in the winter as mittens. But..I mean, c’mon.. we are nutrition sci students after all. oh well.

Sometimes when I share the natural remedies I use with friends, they end up giving me big eyes and think that I am  coocoo. Other than blogs or posts on the internet, I only know of a handful of people who are interested in natural remedies. My interest in natural remedies came from being a teenager and having parents who were skeptical of products and the remedies I wanted to try. Both of those reasons made me persist on having my way. I was like that as a teen and still am. My definition of natural remedies is anything that can perform the same effects as products sold in stores. Some of the most common ones I use are:

1. Brown sugar and Olive Oil (exfoliator for face and lips)

-about 1:2 ratio of brown sugar to olive oil mixed together.

2. Baking soda (exfoliator for face and lips; teeth whitener)

-mix about 2 tsp with ~1tsp water and rub on face. it’s more convenient than the brown sugar & olive oil sometimes.

-can also be added to toothpaste and rinsing water. results are not immediate but appear from longer term use.

3. Yogurt (facial mask)

-mix about 3 tsp yogurt with 1 tsp honey, 1/4 tsp cinnamon  and 1/4 tsp cocoa powder. It is also yummy.

-the enzymes in the yogurt help remove dead skin cells, the honey and cocoa powder help with moisturizing and the cinnamon helps with acne and inflammation.

4. Aspirin (acne)

-dissolve 1 aspirin tablet with a few drops of water and mix with a small amount of honey, apply where needed.

5. Egg white (facial mask)

-helps with inflammation and acne

6. Tea tree oil and witch hazel extract 

-prevents acne, an antiseptic for insect bites and skin irritations.


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